Message from Dr. Georges Hatoum

October 19, 2012

JFK Comprehensive Cancer Institute is committed to providing our cancer patients with the best quality of care combined with expertise and compassion. Our pledge is to offer a unique caring environment, using advanced technology, such as IMRT, IGRT, brachytherapy, and CyberKnife stereotactic Radiosurgery. The combination of our excellent care and innovative technology is aimed to provide our patients with the best chance of a cure, while minimizing radiation side effects.

Our Radiosurgery (CyberKnife) Center, the first and only hospital-based center in the Palm Beach area, offers our patients robotic technology combined with image-guidance to administer high precision radiation treatments. The CyberKnife® delivers radiation to difficult-to-target sections of the body including the brain, spine, liver, lungs, prostate, head and neck and other areas. This non-invasive method requires no anesthesia and does not present the same risks as traditional surgery.

Our Center offers a unique environment in the Palm Beach area because of the collaboration between disease site specialists including Radiation Oncologists, Medical Oncologists, Surgical Oncologists, as well as Pathologists and Radiologists. This interdisciplinary approach pioneered by Dr. Beth Lesnikoski, medical director of the JFK Breast Cancer Institute, is critical to our mission to offer the best care. We optimize, in our center, the experience of the individual patient, maximizing the chance for cure and contributing to advances in oncological care. Our team creates a systemic support system for our patients and their families as they transition to cancer survivorship. Our survivorship interdisciplinary team of experts will help patients to stay healthy and tackle the emotional and physical challenges they face after treatment. Services offered include: support groups facilitated by a mental health professional, individual and family counseling, patient education workshops and seminars, vocational counseling, physical rehabilitation, and community outreach through a collaborative partnership with the American Cancer Society and others.

Cancer survivors and health care professionals have identified multiple areas of social, spiritual, emotional, and psychological changes following cancer treatment. Psycho-social and Psycho-spiritual Oncology at the JFK Comprehensive Cancer Institute are offered by Dr. Sharon Ryalls and Reverend Gabriel Ghanoum. It is aimed at caring deeply for the emotional, spiritual, existential, and supportive care needs of our patients and their families as they face cancer and cancer treatment. The Psycho-Social Oncology team approach seeks to create healing in a holistic environment and to restore balance in the midst of crisis.

The JFK Comprehensive Cancer Institute has recently become an Affiliate Member of Cleveland Clinic Foundation for the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG). Being a participating member of the RTOG is both a great honor and responsibility. This membership will provide our patients access to clinical trials not available via any other source, and it is hoped this will enhance the opportunity for our Cancer Center to provide our patients the very best in clinical research opportunities.


Georges Hatoum, MD

Medical Director of Radiosurgery and Radiation Oncology